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Handy Cap & Tape Coating

SDP also supplies Royston Handy Caps (with or without primer) for use in pipeline or tank corrosion protection.
Handy Cap is a prefabricated assembly designed to provide anode and test lead wire welds on metal pipe and tanks. Using Handy Cap IP due to integration of a primer makes field application of it easier and more economical.

Handy Cap IP

Easy Field-Applied Corrosion Protection

Tapecoat Gray Adhesive bonds the tough outer shell of the Handy Cap IP to the bare metal weld area and surrounding plant applied coating. Innovative Tapecoat Gray incorporates an integrated primer in its adhesive and provides exceptional bonding without the costly application of liquid primer. A protective compound within the dome molds itself over the irregular welded profile and encases the exothermic connection.

Handy Cap XL IP is a 5″ x 5″ larger tape coat which has advantage of conforming weld tape to small diameters

Our other pipe coating products include of Patch/Repair and Joint Wrap Tape, Primer, Mastic and Polyken joint coating tapes.