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Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anodes


This material consists of a high purity titanium substrate with an applied coating consisting of a mixture serves as a support for oxide coating. Titanium forms thin, self-healing, adherent oxide which is acid resistant and resist the passage of anodic current. Comparing with conventional impressed current anodes, the anodes are small, lightweight, with extreme low consumption rate (less than 1.0 mg/A.yr) & high current capacity.


MMO titanium anodes perform well in all types of environment including areas with extremely low pH level (under 1), and high chloride concentrations. Their unique configuration makes the anodes ideal for use in a wide variety such as cathodic protection system for buried structures, pipeline, ship, jetties & wharf and steel in concrete.

Anode Life Maximum Current Density Electrolyte
۲۰ years ۵۰ A/m2 Carbonaceous Backfill
۲۰ years ۱۰۰ A/m2 Calcined Petroleum Coke
۲۰ years ۱۰۰ A/m2 Fresh Water
۲۰ years ۳۰۰ A/m2 Brackish Water
۲۰ years ۶۰۰ A/m2 Sea Water

MMO anodes are available in different shapes like Rod, Tubular, Plate, Disc and Mesh anodes.

Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anodes