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Ribbon MMO Titanium Anodes

Mixed metal oxide ribbon anodes are designed for use on both newly constructed & existing above ground storage tanks.


  • Adjustable to achieve various design life requirements by varying spaces between strips
  • Ability to place under all areas of the tank (because it can be easily cut)
  • Availability of multiple paths for current flow (electrically continuous strips)

They can be applied in sands with various levels of moisture and salt contents without carbon backfill. which can also be utilized in concrete bridges, decks and piers as well as in evolution O2, Cl2 or a combination of both.

Dimension Standard

Coil Length


Coil Weight

Surface Area
Width Thickness
۶٫۳۵mm ۰٫۶۳۵mm ۷۶٫۲۲ m ۱٫۱۲ kgs ۰٫۰۱۴m2 per m
Ribbon MMO Titanium Anodes