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Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning is a fast and instantaneous exchange of electric charges between Earth and cloud. The negative clouds are mainly stormy and are the base of lightning strikes. The lower part of the storm cloud is negatively charged when the cloud moves; it generates on the Earth a charge of equal value and opposite sign.  When the accumulation of charge exceeds a critical potential (when the voltage gradient reaches a value of about 10 KV/cm) a channel of electrodes leaves the base of the cloud in the form of a faintly luminescent reject and progresses rapidly toward the earth.

Lightning Protection Systems

Material Specification

All Products in lightning protection are produced in accordance with BS 6651 standard that ensures a satisfactory life span of at least 30 years to ensure an effective system and a satisfactory long term performance. All fittings need to be mechanically robust and provide good corrosion resistance qualities in widely differing environments aluminum and copper the two metals most commonly used in lightning protection system particularly where they come into contact with each termination networks and down conductors, it has to be conducted to copper at or around the test clamp.

This connection should be positioned at the beginning of the earth termination network.