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Spark Gap

The isolating spark gaps are used for conductive system parts which cannot be interconnected directly in safe or hazardous zones. They limit the extent of the applied cathodic protection and prevent the loss of protective current to other buried metallic structures in the event of a lightning strike on to any above ground pipe work or connected structure, or an electrical fault causing a voltage surge on the pipe, a flashover across the insulating components to the flange could occur.

Spark Gap

SDP provides clients with the wide range of surge arrestors. Our approved type with flexible conductor connection adjusts itself quickly to any application environment. The pre-wired spark gaps include connecting cables with different lengths or could be connected to structure with cable lugs, screws and nuts. The flat or angled connection brackets (IF), which are available as accessories, allow for easy connection of the spark gap at pipeline flanges. Some of them are enclosed by a damp-proof PVC enclosure and can be ideally used for underground installation at insulating couplings.

The low spark-over voltages of the spark gaps are applied in protecting when the separate installation parts had only a low insulation resistance against each other.

The powerful explosion proof isolating spark gaps are supplied with a fail-safe device, which establishes a safe operating state (short circuit) even in case of overloads.

Spark Gap

Suppliable Spark Gaps Specifications

Lightning Impulse Current (10/350 μs) Iimp ۵۰, ۷۵ &100 KA
Lightning Current Carrying Capability acc. to EN 50164-3 H or N
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 μs) In ۱۰۰ kA
۱۰۰% Lightning Impulse Spark-Over Voltage Uas 100 ≤ ۴KA        ≤۲٫۵KV     ≤۰٫۹۵
Power frequency spark-over voltage (50 Hz) Uaw ≤۲٫۵KV       ≤۱٫۲KV      ≤۰٫۰۷
Operating Temperature Range TU ۲۰ to 80°C or 150°C
Degree of Protection IP54, IP65, IP67
Enclusure Material Steel/Plastic Coating, Zinc Die Casting
Material Stainless Steel