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Aluminum Anodes

Aluminum anodes offered by SDP comply with Germanischer Lloyds internationally accepted institute, having Indium activated chemical composition in accordance to DNV RP B401 and designed for optimum performance under a variety of environmental conditions and temperature ranges.

Available Sizes Aluminum anodes are available in a variety of sizes, weights and configurations. Depending on the application one of these available anode configurations should provide a reliable solution. However, if special applications are encountered, custom fabricated anodes can be made to suit your needs. Aome of most common size & shapes are as below:

aluminum anode
Aluminium Hull Anode  aliminum
Dimension Range Length ۵ to 50 cm
Height ۵ to 25 cm
Width ۵ to 40 cm
Weight Range ۰٫۵ to 35kg
Aluminium Platform Stand-off Anode



(L) cm

۵۰۰ to



(D) cm

۱۰۰ to




W1 ۱۰۰ to


W2 ۱۲۰ to


Weight Range kg ۵۰ to


Anode core – Each anode is typically cast with a steel core suited for the application or installation of the anode. Core types include flat bars, solid rods, pipe cores, threaded rods, eyebolts and other customized cores.

Anode life – As with any other anodes, anode life depends on the current output of the anode. The more current output provided by the anode, the shorter the anode’s life. Therefore, it is important to consider a number of factors when selecting the type and quality of anodes. These factors include electrolyte resistivity, structure surface area, coating integrity, temperature, and design life.

Element Content wt%
Fe ۰٫۱۵ max
Si ۰٫۱۰ max
Cu ۰٫۰۰۲ max
Zn ۲٫۵ ~ ۵٫۰
In ۰٫۰۱۵ ~ ۰٫۰۲۵
Al Remainder
Max. Anode capacity ۲۸۰۰ Ah/kg
OCP  (V vsCu/CuSO4) -۱٫۱۵

Bracelet Anodes

SDP manufactures a wide range of bracelet style and curved anode segments for fitting to different types of pipe sections and flanges. The design of the bracelet is often varied to suit the mode of fitting (topside or subsea/retrofit) or the type of pipe (rigid or flexible). The bracelet can also be bolted and welded.

SDP bracelet anodes are designed for use on all types of pipelines in fresh, brackish, and saltwater environments having specific tolerance fit to the pipe and precise net weight requirements in order to meet cathodic protection design. There are also many specific pipe sizes and factors to consider (ID, OD, length…) than in selecting offshore frame or rig anodes. Bracelet examples here are for Aluminium based anodes but they can be cast in Zinc or Iron alloys.