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Zinc Anodes

Zinc anodes are an effective and economical corrosion fighter. They are frequently used in seawater or saline mud, to protect ship hulls, ballast tanks, bulkheads, piers, pilings and heat exchangers. In addition, zinc anodes are also used underground to protect buried steel structures.

SDP provides a full line of zinc anodes, for all applications, manufactured to your exacting project specifications. Our careful attention during the alloying process assures you of a complete line of zinc anodes that provide maximum protection to your structure.

SDP provides a complete line of zinc anodes for these applications:

  • Ballast Tank Anodes
  • Hull Anodes
  • Condenser Anodes
  • Heat Exchanger Pencil Anode
Zinc Anodes
Element Content wt%
Al ۰٫۱ – ۰٫۵ ۰٫۰۰۵ max
Cd ۰٫۰۲ – ۰٫۰۷ ۰٫۰۰۳ max
Fe ۰٫۰۰۵ max ۰٫۰۰۱۴ max
Pb ۰٫۰۰۶ max ۰٫۰۰۳ max
Cu ۰٫۰۰۵ max ۰٫۰۰۲ max
Zinc Remainder Remainder
OCP  (V vs Ag/AgCl) – ۱٫۰۵ – ۱٫۱۰
Max. Current Capacity ۷۸۰ Ah/kg ۷۳۰ Ah/kg
Zinc Pencil Anode
Zinc Pencil Anode

Zinc alloy anodes can be produced in a wide weight range of  half to 300 kilograms and shape range of cylindrical to square & pencil forms. They can also be used in applications where spark hazards need to be avoided as in storage tanks containing flammable hazards. Ainc anodes are either mounted directly to the metal being protected or connected with a wire to perform cathodic protection.