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Solar Systems

Solar Power Units

When Is It Applied?

While it is not profitable to use electricity network for supplying electricity for Cathodict protection system because of the cost of elactricity transfer; SDP’s Solar system can provide electricity at fair price .

The Components

The main components which make up a Photovoltaic power generator for application in cathodic protection systems are the solar array, the battery charge controller, the battery storage and the output regulator. The entire system is modular and can be adapted to specific requirements of customers.

Solar Modules

Five high efficiency single-crystal solar modules provide the highest light to energy conversion efficiency.

Cells are textured and have antireflection coating.

Multiple Redundant Contacts provide a high degree of fault tolerance and circuit reliabitility. Circuit is laminated between layers of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) for moisture resistance, UV stability and electrical isolation.

Low Iron Tempered Glass Front for strength and superior light transmission.

Rugged Anodized Aluminum frame is designed for exceptional strength.

Side Rails with multiple mounting holes for easy installation.

Tough, multi-layered polymer back-sheet is used for environmental protection, resistance to abrasion, tears and punctures.

Module type SM110 SM55 SM50 SM45 SM20
Electrical parameters V ۱۲ ۱۲ ۱۲ ۱۲ ۱۲
Max. power rating Pmax (WP) ۱۱۰ ۵۵ ۵۰ ۴۶ ۲۰
Min. Power rating Pmin (WP) ۱۰۰ ۵۰ ۴۵ ۴۱ ۱۸
Rated current IMMP (A) ۶٫۳ ۳٫۱۵ ۳٫۱۵ ۳٫۱۵ ۱٫۳۸
Rated voltage UMPP (V) ۱۷٫۵ ۱۷٫۵ ۱۵٫۹ ۱۴٫۶ ۱۴٫۵
Short circuit current ISC (A) ۶٫۹ ۳٫۴۵ ۳٫۳۵ ۳٫۳۵ ۱٫۶
Open circuit voltage UOC (V) ۲۱٫۷ ۲۱٫۷ ۱۹٫۸ ۱۸٫۰ ۱۸٫۰
Physical parameters   SM110 SM55 SM50 SM45 SM20
Length mm ۱۳۱۶ ۱۲۹۳ ۱۲۱۹ ۱۰۸۳ ۵۶۷
Width mm ۶۶۰ ۳۲۹ ۳۲۹ ۳۲۹ ۳۲۹
Depth mm ۴۰ ۳۴ ۳۴ ۳۴ ۳۵
Weight kg ۱۱٫۵ ۵٫۵ ۵٫۲ ۴٫۶ ۲٫۵

The modules are tested in accordance with related standards