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CTR Series of SCR Controlled CP Rectifier (Oil-Cooled and Air-Cooled)

SDP’s SCR Controlled Cathodic Protection TR Units are specially designed for safe and long term operation in environments such as desert and tropical locations.

The transformer rectifier components are housed in steel enclosures divided into two main sections, namely oil tank and control cabinet.

The transformer rectifier is supplied complete with bolted type base frame and fixing bolts for plinth mounting. The outdoor control cabinets are normally provided with sunshade.

CTR Series of SCR Controlled CP Rectifier

Features of the SCR Controlled Conventional Rectifiers

۱) Automatic constant voltage with current limitation and constant current with voltage limitation.

۲) Stepless control over the full range of nominal output ratings.

۳) Precision control with phase angle control of power SCR unit.

۴) ۲ units of external one turn potentiometer only for setting output voltage and output current.

۵) Cooling by natural convention of air or oil.

۶) Intelligent anode current limiting preventing over current protection.

۷) Suitable to be supplied by 3 Phase 3 wire and/or 4 wire 50/60 Hz.

۸) Surge protection on D.C. side, lighting protection on Ac side.

*  Modular multi channel DC output structure built-in a single enclosure

the SCR Controlled