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Mixed Metal Oxide Expanded Mesh Anode

The anode is composed of an expanded titanium mesh strip coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst. Flexibility & light weight make it the most installer friendly material available. The strips are shipped flat, and can be easily attached to a reinforced concrete structure with plastic anchor pins. They can be packaged in a spiral wound, galvanized steel canister or a fabric sleeve filled with petroleum coke backfill.

Dimension (mm) Standard

Coil length



Width Thickness Length
۳۲٫۵ ۱٫۳ ۱۲۵۰ ۷۶ m ۵ amps.
۲۰ ۱٫۳ ۱۰۰۰ ۷۶ m ۲ amps.
Mixed Metal Oxide Expanded Mesh Anode