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RRU Series of  Automatic CP Rectifier
(Oil-Cooled and Air-Cooled)

Digital technology ensures superb reliability and provides flexibility to meet the requirements of today’s different fields of industry in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Embedding of intelligent control systems based on the digital and micro-processor technology enables the functions of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems to be monitored and controlled remotely across of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. SDP Co. has the pleasure of producing these kinds of intelligent and smart rectifiers in case of both standard and custom design in the various capacities.

RRU Series of Automatic CP Rectifier

Features of the SCADA Based Rectifiers

۱) Full Micro-processor based control, Intuitive control with LCD display and SCADA system.

۲) Automatic operation (Referring Actual Potential of Cathode) with manual over-ride (Constant Current or Constant Voltage) facilities.

۳) Precision control with phase angle control of power SCR unit.

۴) Fully adjustable settings with operator interface and remote SCADA system over full ranges of reference electrode potential or output voltages and currents.

۵) Direct RTU connectivity via 4-20 mA signal converters.

۶) Intelligent Anode current limiting preventing over current protection.

۷) Internal maintenance and diagnostics

۸) Surge Protection on D.C. side, lighting protection on Ac side.

RRU Series of Automatic CP Rectifier