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Anode and Cathode Junction Box

Junction Boxes are used for terminating the anode and cathode cables and for connecting them with main positive and negative cables coming from the DC source unit.

Junction Boxes can be provided with a shunt to measure the output current of each anode and cathode or group of them and also with a variable resistor for adjusting individual output current of each circuit.

The tailor made junction boxes are provided with necessary components such as:

  • variable resistors according to required ratings
  • shunts according to required ratings and standards
  • cable terminations for cable lugs or screw clamp connections
  • cable glands or conduits for cable entries
  • blocking diodes to prevent the flow of currents in reverse direction


Enclosures in steel, aluminum, polyester or stainless steel as outdoor weatherproof design to IP66 and different EX-versions are available.

In addition, various types of enclosures can be supplied workshop-built and tested to fulfill the required standards, layouts and site conditions.


Hot dip galvanized steel frames for fixing on foundations or supports for wall mounting with conduits etc. can also be supplied on request.