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Titanium Conductor Bar

Impressed Current Anodes

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) is a type of system usually applied where there are elevated current requirements for protection against corrosion. This is used in cases where the driving voltage is higher than the galvanic system or if there is a need for increased system control.

Canister MMO Titanium Anodes

MMO anodes are available prepackaged in galvanized steel tubes for easy installation where conventional hole loading methods would not be practical.The canisters include coke breeze backfill, an anode centering device, end plugs, and a lifting bail

Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anodes

This material consists of a high purity titanium substrate with an applied coating consisting of a mixture serves as a support for oxide coating.

String MMO Titanium Anode

The tubular anode can be supplied in strings for use in deep wells to protect underground pipelines or other steel structures like offshore platforms. The string MMO anode is comprised of electrical cable threaded through one or more tubular anodes.

Ribbon MMO Titanium Anodes

Mixed metal oxide ribbon anodes are designed for use on both newly constructed & existing above ground storage tanks.

Mixed Metal Oxide Expanded Mesh Anode

The anode is composed of an expanded titanium mesh strip coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst.

Wire MMO Titanium Anodes

The anodes are composed of a copper core which is surrounded by a titanium metallurgically bond coating.

Titanium Conductor Bar

used along with MMO ribbon and mesh anodes for cathodic protection of above ground storage tank bottoms and concrete structures. The conductor bar is welded to the MMO to lower anode resistance.

Magnetite Anode

The magnetite anode is casted in hollow cylindrical forms to minimise weight and to facilitate cable to anode connections at the centre of the anode.

High Silicon Chromium Cast Iron Anodes

For over Four decades High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes have been used successfully in the cathodic protection industry

Solid Anodes

Typically used for shallow applications, solid high silicon cast iron anodes are low cost solutions to your cathodic protection needs. SDP solid cast iron anodes are back beveled with more material near the connection

Canisters High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes

Canisters are pre-packed anodes. For convenience and easier installation, anodes are installed in a spirally wound 0.65 mm thick galvanized steel canister.

Tubular Anodes

Center Connected Tubular anodes are typically used for Deep Anode groundbed applications, Tubular high silicon cast iron anodes are one of the best solutions to your cathodic protection needs.

Metallurgical Coke and Calcined Petroleum Coke

Resistivity, Particle size, specific weight and chemical analysis are factors to be considered for backfill. Metallurgical coke and calcined petroleum coke are the two types used in cathodic protection

U PVC - Casing

The installation of an open hole deep groundbed with replaceable anode chains allows an economical design up to 300 m depth and requires the presence of a static water level.