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U PVC – Casing

The installation of an open hole deep groundbed with replaceable anode chains allows an economical design up to 300 m depth and requires the presence of a static water level.

The advantages compared to closed hole groundbeds are as follows:

  • Trouble-free unlimited life compared to erratic and short ( 5 years ) life time of closed hole groundbeds.
  • Possibility of anode replacement, inspection, repair and replacement of chain components.

The unlimited lifetime of replaceable groundbeds is ensured by stable non-conductive, corrosion resistant casings.


The specified casing is selected by considering the external pressure loading which is caused by geological formation, the depth of groundbed, the ratio of borehole diameter to casing diameter and the position of dynamic water level.

Perforated casings are provided with slots which run perpendicular to pipe axis, thus resulting in a minor decrease of collapse resistance as compared with pipes having longitudinal slots.

The perforated (open) area covers minimum 20 % surface of the casing around anodes.



Nominal Diameter ND (mm) Outer






Inner Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter Over Socket (mm) Weight (kg/m) Thread Type
۱۵۰ ۱۶۵ ۷٫۵ ۱۵۰ ۱۷۴ ۵٫۵ T
۱۷۵ ۱۹۵ ۸٫۵ ۱۷۸ ۲۰۳ ۷٫۴ T
۱۷۵ ۱۹۵ ۱۱٫۵ ۱۶۳ ۲۱۳ ۹٫۸ T
۲۰۰ ۲۲۵ ۱۰٫۵ ۲۰۵ ۲۳۹ ۱۰٫۰ T
۲۰۰ ۲۲۵ ۱۳٫۰ ۱۸۸ ۲۴۹ ۱۲٫۸ T

Installation Equipment / Accessories

  1. Hoisting devices for lifting and lowering of the pipe string
  2. Sump pipes for silt deposit
  3. Centralizers for centralization of casing in the borehole during installation
  4. Wooden plugs for fastening to the bottom end of casing or sump pipe
  5. Wooden clamps faced with leather for holding the casing on the ground level