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Mobile Data Collection (Multifunction Instrument MODATA)

MODATA, a computer-aided measuring system, has been developed to integrate the function and capability of several instruments used in the field of Cathodic corrosion protection in one instrument only.

MTC Multi Task Converter

Combines 4 separate measuring instruments (AC/DC voltage, current, m-volts, resistance)

Plastic Carrying Case

Allows optional use as a mobile carried-about measuring unit as well as a comfortable measuring data collection system equipped with carrying straps.

Mobile Data Collection

DOS Computer

۱ MByte memory for program and measuring data provides storage of data up to 5000 test points including all measuring data and identification of sites, alternatively for about of 90km intensive measurements.

Compact and Splash-Water Proof Data Collection Unit
MODATA consists of a small watertight MS-DOS compatible computer with large display and Multi Task Converter integrated in splash-water proof plastic housing specially designed for cathodic protection measurements.

Contrast-Enhanced Display

Back-lit, with 40 characters at 8 lines, provides best legibility even under extreme lighting conditions.

Multi Task Converter integrating 4 Measuring System
Through newly designed MTC, MODATA allows measuring of any relevant values for maintenance and/or intensive measurements without requiring additional instruments.

Watertight Keyboard

Eliminates special protective cover when operated in wet or dusty environments.

Power Supply

Of Multi Task Converter by rechargeable battery as integral part of plastic housing. Replaceable NiCadsAA type for MS-DOS computer.

Operational Times 

Typically 15h for MTC and MS-DOS computer. Remaining power indication allows optimum capacity use.

Data Cartridge

Newly designed data cartridge for data storage of more than 1000 test points or alternatively approx. 20 km of intensive measurements. PC linking without requiring additional data cartridge interface

Root Data and Last Year’s Values for up to 5000 Test Points available on Site
All important measuring test point data such as number, type, details and measuring data are immediately available on site. For comparison purposes last years values may be shown on large display

Charging Facility

By means of 230V AC mains or 12V vehicle battery with galvanic isolation from vehicle ground. Automatic reverting to trickle charge condition after completion of charging cycle.

Quick and Easy-to-Do Collection of Measuring Values even at parallel running Pipelines
Free selection of sequence of test points monitored. When taking measuring values at parallel running pipelines option exists to switch between them by key operation.

Technical Features


Serial interface port for connection of data cartridge or direct data transfer between PC and MODATA.

Bar Code Input

Provided for automatic test point identification on site.


Function 1 (Measuring instrument)

DC  Voltage Measurement (3 channels )
Input impedance >2 MΩ
Series-mode rejection at 16.6Hz appx. 60dB (factor 103)

at 50Hz appx. 100dB (factor 105)

Measuring range ±۱V  –   ±۱۰V  –   ±۱۵۰V
Resolution ۰٫۱ mV on 1 V range

۱ mV on 10 V range

۱۵ mV on 150 V range

The input recording of the 3 DC voltage channels can be selected at the same time, so that the calculation of IR-free potentials is assured by the extrapolation method.


AC  Voltage Measurement (1 channel)
Measuring range ۱ V r.m.s  –  ۱۰ V r.m.s  –  ۲۴۰ V r.m.s
Resolution ۰٫۲ mV on 1 V range
۲ mV on 10 V range
۵۰ mV on 240 V range
Via channel 1 DC voltage and its AC component can be measured simultaneously. This feature is important for verification of AC voltage influenced potentials.
Current measurement
Range int. Shunt Resolution Voltage drop
۲   mA ۱۰ Ohm ۱    μA max. 20  mV
۲۰ mA ۱   Ohm ۱۰  μA max. 20  mV
۱      A ۰٫۱Ohm ۱۰۰μA max. 100mV
The use of external shunts is recommended for the measurement of currents > 0.5 A in order to avoid undesired voltage drops.

The measured voltage via the external shunt is automatically converted into current value by the software.

Micro Voltage Measurement
Input impedance ۱ MΩ
Series-mode rejection at 16Hz appx. 60dB (factor 103)

at 50Hz appx. 100dB (factor 105)

Measuring range ±۱۰۰V
Resolution ۱ μV

Function 2

Scope of supply

  • MODATA computer
  • ۴ Mignon NiCd-storage battery (inside MODATA computer)
  • MODATA-multifunctional converter with integrated storage battery
  • Charging set with 2 outlets for MODATA computer and converter
  • Transfer adaptor cable for connection to a stationary PC
  • Synchronization cable for external synchronization
  • Driver disk with data register and transfer program “HCOM” for data transfer between PC and MODATA
  • MODATA user guide handbooks


  • Carrying strap, type “Sprint”
  • Carrying system, type “Marathon” for close potential survey
  • Software disks with user software NaMobil and IntMobil
  • Data register for data protection
  • Adapter for connection to 9-pole interface
  • Barcode reading device
  • System Aluminum case for the complete equipment

Weight MODATA system: 3.3 kg

Weight MODATA system with aluminum case: 6.0 kg

Dimensions MODATA system: 275 x 265 x 85 mm

Dimensions aluminum case: 410 x 320 x 160 mm