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WTW Pocket Multi-Parameter Instrument Multi-Line P3

The Professionally Designed System

Handy, easy to use, robust, waterproof and additionally with several measuring parameters. Simultaneous connection of a pH/Redox electrode and conductivity cell allows up to three parameters to be measured at the same time

Multi line P3/LF-SET

Professional case with built-in measuring set, with instrument, electrode, conductivity cell, calibration, maintenance accessories & operating instructions.


WTW Pocket Multi-Parameter
Multiline P3 Conductivity measurement
Measuring range/ resolution ۱ μS/cm 500 mS/cm in 4 ranges Salinity : 0,0   ۷۰٫۰
Accuracy (± ۱ digit) ± ۱% ovf value
Temperature compensation linear and non-linear function for ultra pure and natural waters
Multi line P3 pH measurement
Measuring range/ resolution pH: -2.00 +16.0
mV: -1250 +1250
Accuracy    (± ۱ digit) pH: ±۰٫۰۱ pH          mV: ±۱ mV
Temperature compensation automatic: -5 +99.9 °C manual: -20 +130 °C
Multi line P3 Temperature measurement
Measuring range -۵٫۰ … +۹۹٫۹ °C

Performance features

  • Hose-proof (IP66) and submersible (IP67) display, automatic calibration of all sensors, built-in memory for 120 data sets and serial RS 232 interface
  • Impact-resistant antistatic ABS plastic housing
  • Insensitive silicone keyboard for simple operation
  • Calibration and measurement in GLP mode
  • Built-in memory for 120 data-sets each with 3 measured values, date, time, and individual identification number
  • Time-controlled measurements over periods of up to 5 days
  • Push-button manual store
  • Energy-saving operation by low power electronics & automatic switch-off
  • Operation for 150-800 hours with rechargeable batteries (period depends on connected sensors)
  • Continuous operation with plug-in mains power supply
  • EMC interference resistance – e.g. measurements are not influenced by strong transmitters (radio, etc.)

Parameter selection:

pH and Redox potential

Conductivity & salinity



Handy & complete


Easy to use