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Cu/ CuSO4 Reference Electrode

Various types of Cu/CuSO4 half cells are available in SDP works including both of Stationary (Permanent) and Portable electrodes. All copper sulfate electrodes are shipped include a charge of high-purity copper sulfate crystals.

Electrode potential is subject of tests and calibration as well as +320 mV referring to H2 Potential.

Portable electrodes can be supplied within the following dimensions with a protective cap for the CPT porous plug.

Approx. Diameter    :    ۳۵ mm

Approx. length          :   ۱۵۰mm

Cable Type                 :  #۱۴ Cu/PVC

Dry weight                 :  ۰٫۱۴۵kg

Reference Electrode

Stationary reference electrodes would be used for permanent measurement of Test Posts and/or to generate Soil to structure feedback signal for Potential controlled CP Power sources as well as Automatic Transformer / rectifier units and solar powered CP stations.

Stationary Reference electrodes are Pre-Packaged with low resistivity none metallic Backfill containing following composition;

  • ۷۰% Bentonite
  • ۱۰% Vermiculite
  • ۲۰% Sodium Sulfate

Package Dimensions varies by application and client requirement

Reference Electrode
Reference Electrode