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Zinc Reference Electrode

Zn/ZnSO4 Reference electrodes are permanently installed in soil to facilitate the potential measurement of the protected structures. The electrodes shall be installed close to the protected structure.

The reference electode is used inside internally protected steel water boxes, tanks, pipes etc. and is provided with a 1″ screw-in thread for permanent fixture by using a weld-in flange. The measuring cell is covered with insulating material so that the only exposed area is the circular base at the bottom. Potential referring to H2 electrode: – 0.77 V,

Zinc Reference Electrode

Zinc / Zinc Sulfate reference electrode has the longest life compare to any other reference electrodes. These reference electrodes are available with and without backfill for underground and fresh water applications.

The main components of the permanent solid type zinc reference electrode shall be:

  • a cylindrical zinc bar (dia. 20mm, Length 100m) of approx. 63cm2 sensing surface area
  • Reference electrode cable connection and cable lead

Linen bag with non polarizing backfill

Bag dimensions:

  • ۱۰۰ mm diameter
  • ۳۰۰ mm height

The electrodes are designed and manufactured according to purchaser´s requirements for: Operational conditions, temperature and pressure Cable type and length Length of measuring electrode

Zinc Reference Electrode

Portable Zinc reference electrodes are used for tanks & exchangers

Zinc Reference Electrode