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TCS Series of Manual CP Rectifier (O63 Model, Oil-Cooled)

SDP’s 63 Step Manual Controlled Cathodic Protection TR Units (Oil-Cooled) are specially designed for safe and long term operation in environments such as desert and tropical locations.

The transformer rectifier components are housed in steel enclosures divided into two main sections, namely oil tank and control cabinet.

The transformer rectifier is supplied complete with bolted type base frame and fixing bolts for plinth mounting. The outdoor control cabinets are normally provided with sunshade.

TCS Series of Manual CP Rectifier

TCS Series of Manual CP Rectifier

۱) Manual voltage control over the 63 steps of nominal rated voltage automatic

۲) Coarse, medium and fine adjustment by 3 X 4 step tap changer switches, rated to operate while system is energized, even on full load condition.

۳) Compact design and easy to use and installation.

۴) Minimum maintenance requirements and long operation time.

۵) Weather proof construction and corrosion resistive finish by hot dip galvanized.

۶) Ac input voltage, DC output voltage and current monitoring by moving coil analogical meters.

۷) Over voltage and current protection for both of AC and DC sides.

۸) Surge protection on D.C. side, lighting protection on Ac side.

۹) Cooling by natural convention of transformer oil.

۱۰) Suitable for either 3 wire or 4 wire connection for 3 Phase 380/440 Volt 50 and/or 60 Hz systems.