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Ag/AgCl Portable Reference Electrode

GMC Silver – Silver Chloride reference electrodes for use in seawater and brackish water, river mouths, estuaries, sea water and high chloride waters. Three models are available.

Portable Reference Electrode

Model AG-4 potable reference electrode is designed for standard everyday use in 0-100water depths and can be used in salt water and saturated saline water conditions such as offshore platforms, off shore pipelines, seawater docks and boats or ships. The AG-4 features are following:

High impact ABS plastic housing with 50′ of RHH-RHW cable. The electrode is pre- weighted. Special silver–silver chloride element allows for calibration and chloridizing repair if needed in field prior to use. Ideal for medium to light potential work. Color coded blue for ease of electrode type determination.

  • Connection Stud: 1/4″-20 plated brass.
  • Size: 1″ dia. × ۸″ long ABS plastic high impact blue housing.
  • Stability: +/-10 millivolts with 3.0 microamp load.
  • Temperature Range: 0to 100
Ag/AgCl Portable Reference Electrode